Tuesday, March 27, 2012

April "Craft" Day Meetup

Hi ladies!

Asha & I had a great idea about the next meetup (which we talked about at Becca's last week for those of you there). We want to have a "craft day" meetup next Friday, April 6th(Good Friday) since a lot of us have half days or are off work. If you are interested in attending the time will be from 1:30-4pm at Asha's house and you can bring your own craft supplies and a beverage/dish of your choice :-)

Please rsvp by next Monday if you can make it and comment on this post saying yes and what you will be bringing(food wise). Since it's in the afternoon anything is good that's snack type food.

Looking forward to it!

April Tampa Bloggers Craft Day Meetup
Friday, April 6th
Asha's house-email her at asha.reyes@gmail.com for address
Craft supplies for yourself, wine/beverage & dish to share *optional

Lauren & Asha


  1. I am hoping to make it. As long as I can drive by then (I think I can this Friday)& you Ladies promise not to stare at the wound on my neck...I should be in! What kind of crafts? I love crafts & have lots of goodies at home.

    1. We are doing crafts for Easter, even though we are a little late! Email me at asha.reyes@gmail.com for my address :)

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