Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Friday Meet-Up!

Can't wait to see all of your lovely faces, Friday!! In case you somehow missed it, we will be painting "Summer Coolness", a two hour class. PWAT provides all painting supplies for the $35 we have paid (brushes, paint, canvas, etc).

We are able to bring our own wine and snacks in. Some thought maybe Painting with...had wine for us, but I wanted to just make sure everyone understood that is not the case (didn't want anyone showing up wineless/boozeless and be bummed)! They will have glasses for wine or other beverages, ice, ice buckets and cork screws, however. So keep that in mind.

....So bring what you like to munch and drink!

If you have yet to sign up or want to bring a pal, there are TEN openings left for Friday (we currently have 17 registered).  passcode: blog

I'm sooo excited for this, ladies! See ya'll Friday @ 7pm


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