Monday, January 30, 2012

First Tampa Bay Bloggers Meetup!

The first ever Tampa Bay Blogger Gals Meetup was this past Friday, and it was awesome! We met at a cool bar downtown called "Fly Bar" and their food & sangria did not disappoint!

{Fly Bar Downtown Tampa}

{Awesome atmosphere}

I had a great time meeting all the Tampa Bay blogging gals and chatting.

{L-R Meghan, Jessi, Kari, Becca & Me}

{The entire group!}

Make sure to tell other Tampa Bay bloggers about this new blog & please post pictures from the meetup if you have some :-)
Thanks Nichole for designing this awesome new blog for all of us to communicate & can't wait for the next meetup in March-more info. to follow!
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  1. love the new blog, girl! I can't wait to meet everyone next time :)