Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tampa Bloggers Meet Up - March.

Hello loves,

I wanted to go ahead and put the into for our next meet up on the blog (other than my address, naturally). So here are the deets:

Date & Time: March 23rd

Time: 7:00 but if you need to come early because it's out of your way to go home or you just want to entertain me while I prep, I will allow it. ; ]

Area: This blogger meet up will be held in South Tampa

Place: Becca's Condo (e-mail me for the address: thequeenbc@gmail.com)

Dinner: Dinner will be a pitch in or if you prefer 'potluck' - everyone should bring a dish of some sort. Since it's right around St. Patty's Day if you'd like to bring something green, fabulous. As the hostess I will provide the drinks (but your welcome to bring something, if you have a specific hankering)

Parking: Please note after you get the address that parking at my complex is fair game other than people's driveways. So you can park in any spot you like. When I e-mail you the address I will include my cell number for anyone who doesn't already have it and if you have trouble, you can of course call me.

RSVP: For the sake of everyone bringing food let's make the last day to RSVP March 10th. That way I can let you all know how many people will be eating what you bring. So spread the word now and RSVP's can go to me via e-mail (which should work fine since otherwise you won't know where to go).

Can't wait!!



  1. Yay sooo excited!!! :-) I will be there obviously & be bringing some sort of spinach dip with pitas!

  2. Sadly I will miss this one! I am going to be in Miami awaiting my anniversary cruise!

  3. I'm so there!!! I'll figure out what to bring later!!! I'll email you in a lil bit!

  4. Pretty sure I will be there and I can bring/make whatever is needed.

  5. Haha...we are already getting spammed? Too funny. I am hopefully going to be there (if I am not having surgery). I emailed you Becca. I can bring whatever too. I'm on a low carb diet...so having bad food thoughts at the moment. : )

  6. This sounds like a lot of fun! I'll try to make it, let you know closer to the date.

  7. I will be there and I am so excited to meet you all :)


  8. It's really gonna be apps and desserts more than an actually dinner...just FYI. : ]